Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something about us

In 2005 the first part of a great adventure has started in Armeno in Italy with 40 people.
On that exchange the title was water , and that 40 people had great time in programs according water (rafting, the beach of Genova, and so on...)

In the same year in august we visited the city of Zakopane in Poland. The title was the earth. we visited a salt mine ,national park called Tatrzanskn. After these two beautiful weeks in Italy and Poland.

We had to wait 1 year for the next meeting in Hungary in Szentendre. The name of the exchange was Human in the nature, nature in the human culture. The programs were mostly about the negative effect of the modern human culture to the nature.

And in 2007 we arrived to the last station of this exchange-tour in Spain in Albuquerque.